Campaign Name Eid Dhamaka
AgencyArt Shala

Brand Overview: Zays is one of the popular Fashion brands in Bangladesh. Zays provide different types of authentic fashion products, specially leather products for everyone at a reasonable price.As part of their marketing strategy, the team Art Shala wanted to develop a campaign that would help them connect with their customers in a meaningful way during Eid.

Goal /Objective : To create a meaningful connection with customers during Eid and increase sales through targeted marketing efforts.

Execution: To achieve this objective, We created the “ Eid Dhamaka ”  sale which was designed to help them contact their customers and promote their products. The campaign involved the following steps:

  • Brand Awareness : The first step was  engaging our target audience with the campaign we planned.
  • Creating targeted messages: Once the customer data was collected, we developed targeted messages that were designed to resonate with their customers during Eid. These messages included special offers, discounts, and personalized greetings.
  • Tracking results: Finally, we tracked the results of the campaign, including open rates, click-through rates, and sales. This allowed them to refine their messaging and improve the effectiveness of the campaign.

What We Do : 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Design
  • Motion Graphics 
  • Campaign planning 
  • Media Buying

Result : The Eid Dhamaka was a huge success for ZAYS. The campaign helped them connect with thousands of customers during Eid and increase sales.The campaign also helped them build a loyal customer base and improve their brand recognition.

Conclusion: The  Eid Dhamaka Sell  was a great example of a targeted marketing campaign that focused on connecting with customers during Eid. By collecting customer data and creating personalized messages, Art Shala was able to achieve  Zays objective of increasing sales and building brand loyalty.